Center for Management and Cooperative Development at MONDRAGON


Our vision

To lead the Cooperative Culture development process within the Corporation’s entities and promote the professional and personal development of directors and members of the corporate bodies.

Our mission

To drive the transformation of people and cooperative culture and experience.

Our values

Trust:respect the opinion of all individuals. I express myself in an honest and respectful manner. I am coherent with what I think, say and do.

Cooperation: I work within a team, collaborating, sharing and contributing. I prioritise the collective over the individual. I listen actively. I learn from others and help others to learn.

Commitment::I participate and I am involved as a partner-employee of the cooperative. I fulfil commitments in an impeccable and agile manner. I am capable of managing myself.

Customer-oriented attitude: I work with the customers in identifying and resolving their needs. I flawlessly fulfil the commitments undertaken with the customer.

Innovation: I continuously foster improvements and innovation in my environment and activity. I am responsible for my own change and for the improvement of my knowledge and skills. I am responsive to opportunities and I take risks.