Historical timeline of the Casa-Torre de Otalora.

  • 1350


    Its origin dates back to the mid 14th century, when the Otalora family, intricately linked to the San Juan Bautista Church, erected their tower house in the elizate of Aozaratza with a notably defensive architecture.

  • 1562


    Initial refurbishment works (1562-1586) Lic. Sancho López de Otálora, member of the Royal Council of King Charles V, completed several refurbishment and renovation works, adding a new residential structure to the original military structure.

  • 1586


    Fire and reconstruction (1586-1762) In 1586, with the grandson of Sancho Lopez, Mr. Martin de Otalora, heading the family, the Casa-Torre and its library was destroyed by a fire. Reconstruction with new features, adding Renaissance decorative elements.

  • 1762


    Decadence The Otalora family no longer use this property as their usual residence, which is moved to the Otalora Palace in Aretxabaleta (built in 1762). The modification in the use of the Casa-Torre as a farmhouse took a toll on the architectural ensemble.

  • 1981


    Renovation project (1981-1984) Laboral Kutxa purchases and rebuilds the property respecting all the most important parts and refurbishes the interior to accommodate training activities, including dining and accommodation for the future directors of the cooperatives.

  • 1984


    Learning centre. Upon concluding the renovation works, the building houses MONDRAGON’s Management and cooperative development activities. It is later refurbished to convert the bedrooms into meeting rooms which, along with the training centre and dining areas, form an ecosystem in which learning plays the leading role.

  • 1992


    Otalora II is built to meet the growing demand for courses and meeting rooms. Construction built in the style of the region’s country houses, fitted with a functional interior.

  • 2018


    Renovation of spaces for adapting them to new needs and methodologies, in line with a greater environmental commitment.