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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Leadership and Teamwork > Teamwork skills programme (TS) - advanced level
Teamwork skills programme (TS) - advanced level


This programme is aimed at natural teams belonging to the same organisation. The programme aims is to reinforce and master what was covered and learned in the basic programme, with particular emphasis on addressing the difficulties, problems and areas for improvement that arise for each team.


It has a variable duration, depending on the objective that is raised by the team. As a guideline, it could be 6 half days of 4 hour sessions spaced out as 1 session per month.


Tailored for each case. Starting from a definition of the Vision they want as a team, the priority for the objectives are established, which may be to achieve a greater mastery of some aspects of teamwork skills or to resolve weaknesses identified within the team.


Reflections are made, training is done, conversations are opened and developed that were not heard before, agreements for action are established, etc.

Additionally, coaching of the team in ordinary meetings can be conducted.


Varies depending on the format agreed with the company.


OTALORA or in-Company.​


Iñaki Idiazabal and Garbiñe Letona.​