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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Leadership and Teamwork > Self knowledge report
Self knowledge report


To obtain new information concerning oneself in order to know oneself better and to be able to carry out the training actions suggested.


The person fills in a specific survey and receives the report along with recommendations for training.


It includes three tests:

  1. Test for natural tendency: it is a test used to know the individual's self-perception of well being and his/her natural tendency..
  2. Test for emotional profile of the brain: it is a test that helps to understand the cerebral configuration we have in the following areas: 1) positive attitude 2) attention and concentration, self awareness or awareness of oneself, 3) social intuition or knowing how to interpret social situations, 4) resilience or ability to confront difficulties and 5) sensitivity to context or ability to identify the implicit rules of interactions in any context.
  3. Test for the match between the person and the activity: this is a test that helps identify which exercises and practices will be best for the person to enhance their welfare and happiness.



Yolanda Lekuona.​​