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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Leadership and Teamwork > Programmes for strengthening Leadership skills
Programmes for strengthening Leadership skills


To contribute to the in-depth development of the chosen Cooperative Leadership skill..


For each skill: 1 full day + training exercises between sessions + 2 half-day sessions, which can be accompanied by individual coaching.


'Shared vision' programme: 

  1. What is a Vision, 2) step outside the box, 3) creating a motivating vision 4) vision and commitment 5) plan for achieving a shared vision.
  2. ‘Positivity’ programme: 1) what is positivity, 2) focus on the positive, 3) positive language, 4) positive thinking 5) seeing opportunities and possibilities, 6) energy and resilience, 7) positive relationships, 8) emotional control, 9) creating positive environments. 
  3. 'Development of individuals and the team' programme: listening and feedback as the key to development, mental models, current team vs. desired team, task vs. relationship, basis for good relationships, basis for coordination, developing trust in the team.
  4. 'Achievement orientated' programme: 
    1. Option a) (16h) - 1) achievement and its benefits, 2) objectives, 3) clarification of expectations, 4) monitoring 5) know how to close the job, 6) know how to recognise and reinforce.
    2. Option b) (24h) - 1) the states of achievement orientation (healthy, sloppy and excessive), 2) Organisations that learn, 3) responsible attitude, 4) optimistic and decisive attitude 5) systematic achievement orientation (defining objectives, planning, monitoring, closing the job and recognition), 6) an experience of achievement and 'learning by doing', 7) plain language, without silences and with feedback, 8) Beliefs that empower or inhibit achievement, 9) achieving as a team, 10) coordination and collaboration, 11) learning from mistakes.
  5. 'Innovation orientated' programme: 1) creativity and innovation based on people, 2) Basic keys for cultivating innovation, 3) tools for creativity, 4) leadership facilitator 5) guidelines for 'playing' to create new ideas, 6) generating alternatives, 7) generating scenarios, 8) innovation as a team 9) innovation as a system.
  6. 'Customer orientated' programme: 1) "WITH" system, 2) work the positioning and the unique value proposals, 3) customer diagnosis, 4) linking and growth 5) incidents protocol and defence of customers. 
  7. 'Trust and integrity' programme: 1) the three dimensions of trust (trust, be trustworthy and trust oneself), 2) the three areas of development of these dimensions (cognitive, emotional and behavioural), 3) cognitive area (beliefs and cognitive distortions), 4 ) Emotional area (trust vs. mistrust vs. fear), 5) behavioural area (behaviours and decalogue). 


Exercises for reflection, training exercises, work with beliefs, examples, audiovisual materials, materials for self-strengthening, etc.


Varies, depending on the skill.​y.


OTALORA or in-Company.​


Iñaki Idiazabal