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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Leadership and Teamwork > Cooperative Leadership Programme
Cooperative Leadership Programme


To contribute to the understanding of the 8 skills defined for the 'Cooperative Leader': 

  1. Shared vision. 
  2. Positivity. 
  3. Development of individuals and the team. 
  4. Development of innovation. 
  5. Achievement orientated. 
  6. Customer orientated. 
  7. Trust and integrity and 
  8. Model of cooperative behaviour.


Several trainers, so that each skill is taught by a specialised person. There is also full accompaniment by a facilitator throughout the entire programme in order to establish associations between skills, ensure the smooth running of the programme and to provide the final report at the end of it.


3 consecutive days in which the 8 skills are covered.


  1. Protagonist attitude.
  2. Building a Shared Vision. 
  3. Promoting the achievement of objectives.
  4. Promoting the development of individuals and teams. 
  5. Creating innovative environments. 
  6. Creating positive environments. 
  7. Creating environments of trust and integrity. 
  8. Creating cooperative environments.


Theoretical content, exercises for reflection, training exercises, examples, discussions and reflections, audiovisual materials, materials for self-strengthening, etc.


Varies depending on the format agreed with the company and the size of group.​




Iñaki Idiazabal