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Cooperativism Expert Course


The strategic objective of this course is to train the people of reference who strengthen the cooperative revitalisation strategies. The challenge is, on the one hand, to prepare a large number of people - who make up the picture of our cooperatives - with a foundation of updated and rigorous knowledge. And, on the other hand, to provide a number of resources to enable them to perform their work more consistently (make decisions with consistency, analyse the various socio-business aspects of the cooperative, drive, pull, propose, motivate, etc.) within the institution itself and also in their own environment.


110 hours of lessons.


  1. Processes of change in the contemporary world. 
  2. The Mondragon Cooperative Experience: origins, historical evolution and main principles. 
  3. External dimension of the cooperative idea: social transformation and community development. 
  4. Internal dimension of the cooperative idea: democracy and participation from the cooperative prism and 
  5. The person in the cooperative organisation: cultural, psychological and motivational dimension.


Combination of knowledge spaces, spaces for reflection and debate, and spaces for sharing experiences and practical testimonies of players with extensive cooperative experience..


3,700 euros/person.




Iñigo Iñurrategi (Otalora) and Ion Lezeta (Huhezi-Lanki).​