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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Management Development > Advanced programmes for Managers
Advanced programmes for Managers


To update the knowledge and skills of those responsible for the different functional areas of the organisation, promoting the implementation of new ways of operating and fostering relationships and the exchange of good practice between people holding similar responsibilities in different cooperatives.


40 hours in sessions of 8 hours per week.


  • It includes contents of a transversal nature (common to all areas of the organisation) together with those specific to the function for which the programme is intended.
  • For Sales managers (40h): 1) Sales management and Sales strategy, 2) Leadership of the sales force, 3) Commercial Negotiation, 4) Economic and financial analysis and commercial strategy.
  • For Finance managers (40h): 1) Strategy and planning, 2) Organisational culture and efficiency, 3) Consolidating balances, 4) Economic and financial analysis 5) Negotiation.
  • For Chairpersons (40h): 1) Business strategy and model, 2) Communication management, 3) Institutional participation, 4) Effective meetings 5) Coordination of actions, 6) Cultural perspective of organisations and leadership.
  • For HR managers (40h): 1) Best practices in personnel management systems, 2) HR Dir. as a facilitator of cultural development, 3) Conversational competence, 4) Change Management 5) Conflict management 5) Management of internal communication, 6 ) Latest trends in people management.
  • For Team managers (40h): 1) Those in charge as managers of people and teams, 2) Teamwork 3) Directing meetings, 4) Performance management 5) Personal organisation, 6) Conversational competence.


Expo of new trends along with work groups in which the advantages and difficulties of their implementation, as well as the most appropriate strategies for implementation are discussed.

In addition, acquisition of knowledge and development of specific skills in the role with training exercises and the methodology of 'learning by doing'.


950 euros/attendee.​




 Marian Uribarren