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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Management Development > 'Multicultural Intelligence' programme for managing international relations
'Multicultural Intelligence' programme for managing international relations


Acquire knowledge and skills for effective management in multicultural environments, be it with customers, suppliers, the teams themselves, relationships with the authorities or other types of relationships.


Marina Lázaro (certified by the Cultural Intelligence Centre). USA.


16 hours on two consecutive days or other ad hoc formats for the organisation.


  1. he challenges of cultural diversity in the internalisation of organisations. 
  2. Cultural relativism, the first step for successful cultural leadership.
  3. Developing cultural intelligence for effective global leadership. The 4 dimensions.
  4. 360º Multirater Assessment (Cultural Intelligence Centre, USA). 360º Evaluations
  5. Cultural Dimensions: Analytical framework to identify and manage the cultural differences involved in international leadership and relations. Identity, authority, risk, achievement, time management, communication and feedback, task management and relationships.
  6. Global Clusters: application of cultural dimensions to different cultural regions.
  7. Generate strategies to cope with culturally complex situations.
  8.  Now what? Personal Action Plan.



360º test prior to training. Interactive sessions with exchange of knowledge, experiences, life lessons and case studies. The cultural differences responsible for conflicts and misunderstandings are identified. It is applied to communication, leadership, negotiation, achievement orientation, relationship management and tasks, etc. Includes action plan.
*Possibility of delivering the course in English for multicultural teams.


610 euros, including the 360º assessment of multicultural intelligence and the book.




Yolanda Lekuona and Marian Uribarren.​