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Otalora > Home > Who we are > The Corporate Centre’s Corporate Management Department
The Corporate Centre’s Corporate Management Department
Otalora, the MONDRAGON Management and Cooperative Development Centre, began to offer training courses in 1984 under the name of IKASBIDE to young post-graduates who were offered the chance to combine their post-graduate studies at this centre with work placements at Mondragón Cooperative Group companies.

The aim of this initial programme was to train recent graduates with no work experience for management posts at the cooperatives. It therefore consisted of experimental technical training given at a fast pace to people with degree-level theoretical knowledge but with no previous experience in business management.


There was also another initial programme geared to members of the Boards of Directors, to help provide them with suitable training.


A short time later the offer was extended to include other areas: Cooperative Education, long-term courses leading to a Master’s Degree in Cooperative Enterprise Management and, in general, all the training that the cooperatives associated with Caja Laboral and today forming part of MONDRAGON required at the time and planned for their management authorities, governing bodies and members in general.


On 28 April 1988, Azatza, S.L. was constituted as an entity providing legal coverage for Otalora and facilitating its institutional and business relationships with customers, suppliers and entities in general.


Today it offers a wide range of courses, grouped into five major areas: Cooperative Education, Management Development, Cultural Development, Leadership and Teamwork and Dissemination of the Cooperative Experience.


Its founding spirit continues, and the centre advocates quality training, development of managerial skills and putting across and constantly developing the cooperative attitudes, beliefs, values and culture.