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Mission and values


To LEAD the Cooperative Culture development process within the Corporation’s organisations, and to PROMOTE the professional and personal development of the managers and members of the company bodies.



  • I respect everyone’s opinion
  • I express myself frankly and with respect
  • I am coherent in what I think, say and do


  • I collaborate, share and contribute when I work as part of a team
  • I give priority to collective rather than individual concerns
  • I actively listen
  • I learn from others and I help others to learn


  • I participate and get involved as a worker-member of the cooperative
  • I fulfil my commitments correctly and quickly
  • I have self-management capacities

Customer service attitude

  • I collaborate with the customer to identify and meet their needs
  • I correctly fulfil my commitments with customers

Approach to innovation

  • I continuously encourage improvement and innovation in my environment and activity
  • I am responsible for my own changes and improvement to my knowledge and skills
  • I am on the lookout for opportunities and I assume risks