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Recommended articles

​1. Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, Chapter 11 "Building the Vision", from the book "Built to Last"
2. Peter Senge, Chapter 25 "Strategies for Developing Personal Mastery”, from the book "The Fifth Discipline"
3. Peter Senge, Chapter 44 "Strategies for Building Shared Vision", from the book "The Fifth Discipline"



​1. Elorza, U.Aritzeta, A. and Ayestarán, S. (2011) "Exploring the black box in Spanish firms: The effect of the actual and perceived sytem on employees' commitment and organizational performance", The International Journal of Human Resource Management,22:7, 1401-142
2. Carolyn Taylor, Cultural development programme" from the book "Walking the Talk", pp.185-414
3. Carolyn Taylor, "Culture Change: Does HR have a role?" (2005)
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​1. "The value of hapinness", HBR Jan-Febr.2012.
2. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King and Ed Diener, "The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Sucess"m 2013.



​1. Rafael Echeverria, "El arte de la retroalimentación"
2. Rafael Echeverria, "La escucha"
3. Rafael Echeverria, "El ciclo de la promesa"
4. Javier Uriz, "Contribución del factor humano a la competitividad de la empresa"
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​1. Fred Kofman, "Management by Values"
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