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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Cooperative Education > Programmes for CB > Programmes for CB: Basic with ‘Teamwork skills'
Programmes for CB: Basic with ‘Teamwork skills'


The objective of this training proposal is to assist in the development of the Company Board:

  • at an individual level as members of the Company Board, in order to empower individuals to better fulfil their role and take responsibility as administrators of the cooperative.
  • at group level as the Company Board, to increase capacity and efficiency in the performance of its functions.
  • at an organisational level, to take responsibility for the socio-business project of the cooperative in relationships with the other bodies.

The program is aimed at the whole Company Board, not only at new members. 


The basic programme lasts 40 hours (4 days of 8 hours and 2 half days for follow-up). Possibility to adapt duration and content.

  1. The cooperative as a socio-business project.  
  2. Evolution and current challenges of the Mondragon Cooperative Experience.
  3. Cooperative Regulatory Framework, internal organisation of a Cooperative: Company and Management Bodies, functions of the Company Board. 
  4. Role of the company representative. Financial regime and corporate structure of MONDRAGON.
  5. Teamwork Skills: effective conversations, the observer, listening, judgements, requests and offers.
  6. Financial statements analysis, economic and financial position of the company, Management and Control Plan.​ 

Exhibitions and videos, exercises and group work, discussion and reflection.


Varies depending on the format agreed with the company.​




Iñigo Iñurrategi and Marian Uribarren.​