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Otalora > Home > Activity Areas > Cultural development > Survey of organisational culture
Survey of organisational culture


To quantitatively measure the status of three areas: 

  1. The elements of management (leadership, team, personnel management systems and sense of shared project). 
  2. The organisational culture (constructive, passive and aggressive) and 
  3. The results in people (satisfaction, commitment, proactivity, emotional balance and extra effort-role).

And measure it in order to identify what is the current status of the culture and how management elements intervene to achieve a more constructive culture and better socio-company results.


The standard process lasts a month and a half with the following stages: 

  1. Presentation of what is measured in the survey and the expected results, 
  2. Completion of the survey, 
  3. Data Collection, 
  4. First presentation of results and collection of suggestions and 
  5. Second presentation of results with recommendations for action plan.


The survey uses a model that correlates the results in people (satisfaction, commitment, proactivity, etc.) with the type of organisational culture that exists . And also correlates the culture that exists with the style of leadership, teamwork, personnel management systems and whether or not a sense of shared project exists among the workers. The survey has been simplified and set up so that all these areas can be measured in 65 easy to answer questions.


Variable, depending on the scope of the measurement.


Eva Alejo and Yolanda Lekuona.​