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  • Survey of organisational culture 

    Qualitative cultural diagnosis 

    Diagnosis of organisational values 

    Definition of the desired culture and/or Values  

    Definition of the leader profile 

    180º or 360º Assessment of the leader profile 

    Cultural plan and cultural development project 

    Programme for Mngt. of People as internal cultural development facilitator 

    Training pack 'Healthy cultural substrate'  

    Facilitating participatory processes 

    Measuring progress of the interventions 

  • Cooperative leadership programme 

    Programmes for strengthening Leadership skills 

    Teamwork skills programme (TS) - basic level 

    Teamwork skills programme (TS) - advanced level 

    Advanced in Positivity programme 

    Individual coaching 

    Coaching of teams in natural meetings 

    'Posimed' report (language analysis) 

    Self knowledge report 

  • Programmes for GB 

    Programmes for CB 

    Programmes for Partners 

    Cooperativism Expert Course 

  • Executive MBA Corporate 

    IKAS: Socio-business integration advanced programme 

    Advanced programmes for Managers 

    'Multicultural Intelligence' programme for managing international relations 

    Management programmes: change management, conflict management, meeting management 

  • SEMINARS: Understand the MONDRAGON Cooperative Experience 

    VISITS: Understand the MONDRAGON Cooperative Experience 

    Supplying the cooperatives of MONDRAGON 

  • Self-care and high performance